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"Make You Work"

Recently, I collaborated with David Anthony, producer and DJ on upcoming tropical house single "Make You Work." It's an uplifting track with a motivating message around knowing your worth. The song starts with a catchy string section that gives a hypnotic Arabian vibe upon first listen. The chorus then chants over a bass line "gonna make you work" and is dedicated to anyone who's had people walk in and out of their life. It's an excellent affirmation to recite and a great workout song with big party vibes.

For a long minute, I was entangled with someone who did not know what they wanted. As a result, we were both out of alignment with ourselves. This caused a lot of anxiety and one would say, "Why didn't you just walk away?" When you love someone (and have abandonment issues) it is a lot easier said than done. "Make You Work" became my mantra. As I wrote it, and worked on it, then went into the studio to record it, my lyrics took on more power. I began to believe firmly in what I was saying and was able to set boundaries that prevented me from entertaining dead end relationships.

It's clear to me now. When someone wants to be with you, it should be effortless. Not that relationships don't take work, but there shouldn't be a war of roses. Now I follow the path of least resistance.

To sum this release up, when I was "wet behind the ears" in this music industry, David took me under his wing and instilled in me so many tools that have helped me navigate being a musical artist 'til this day. This makes "Make You Work", all the more significant to me and one certainly to celebrate.

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