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Natalis, Mr Foster & Davis Chris collab on “Good Fridays

Good Fridays comes as an answered prayer!

About a year ago, I was scouted by a songwriter named Natasha Rivera who asked me to be her muse for a song she wrote called “Praise You” produced by Chris Adams. I realized while recording that song, that there was something special there...a feeling I’d never felt while making music. I prayed to God and said “If it is in your will for me to use my gifts to glorify Your name, show me the way. Present me with an open door and I will not say no!” Shortly after that prayer, Mr Foster called me and said DFD Music was working on a gospel album and wanted to know if I was interested in collaborating. I heard God loud and clear and said YES!

Natalis, Davis Chris & Mr Foster

After agreeing, everything was put on pause due to the winter holiday season. When 2021 kicked back in Mr Foster & Davis Chris started creating production and I started curating sounds from other producers and co-writers for the album. It was important to me that each song on the album gave a Billboard Hot 100 vibe. So I created an inspo playlist and reached out to my “Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis” (Willy the Producer and Arkeyz) to come up with some sauce that could compliment what DFD was working on. This curation process took most the month of January.

Meet the Good Fridays Production Team!

February hits and DFD breaks down some of their goals for the album in terms of marketing and then says, if we are to hit those targets, we need the album done and uploaded for distribution by 2/21!! I was like WHAAAA? That’s literally no time. But all good. I love a challenge and remember I told God I wouldn’t say no. I’m committed.

Long story short the album was written and recorded in my home studio in the span of 9 days!! I turned all the stem files over for mixing and mastering and about the same time frame later, Davis Chris had mixed & mastered EVERYTHING. Just like that in 2 months we legit had a WHOOOOLE album.

Then, I teamed up with my sister Jasmin who is a graphic designer and art director to create the album cover. I knew that I wanted it to feel fun, bright and festive! So I went on shutterstock and just typed in the phrase Good Friday to see what would populate, and there it was... a neon sign that said ”Good Friday.” So I asked my sister is there a way we can photo shop an “S” in there and then add all of our names? No easy task, but about an hour later the design was ready to go!

Follow my YouTube channel where I will be discussing the creative process behind each song and telling more of the Good Fridays story! Blessings!

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